CDC’s: Making Neighborhoods Great Again

CDC’s or community development corporations help local folks and businesses  work together to make communities better.  For example, they make improvements through real estate and small business development, asset building, identifying community leaders, and resident engagement. They are important in creating lasting and durable community change. In addition, effective CDCs have the skills and networks to accomplish their goals.  Consequently, they transform a community’s vision and aspirations into tangible projects and results. No doubt, you are wondering if any CDC’s are helping to improve Taunton’s Downtown and the answer is, yes!

Which CDC is Working to Improve Taunton’s Downtown? 

In 2010, the MA Legislature enacted a formal CDC certification program and so far over 40 groups are certified. Here in the Silver City, Downtown Taunton Foundation (DTF) is a certified CDC and private non-profit organization. We have been working hard to improve Taunton with a focus on the Downtown!

Now in our 6th year of operation, DTF has become a driving force in the development of our city’s core.  We are making a difference and improving Taunton! In fact, our events are drawing thousands of people Downtown to rediscover and reconnect with the heart of their city.  DTF hosts Taunton Creates Arts & Culture Festival (May), Liberty & Union Festival (Oct) along with the Old Colony History Museum, the Lights On Festival (Dec) along with the City and the TACC,  a Summer Concert Series featuring 4 dates, dynamic acts and a food truck festival (Jun-Aug), the Fall Fest Block Party (Sept), and much more each year.

Our own Trescott Street Gallery offers a year-round series of exhibits, youth and adult classes, and special programs. Several exciting projects that focus on adding artistic elements and interest to improve Taunton’s Downtown are currently in the planning phase as well.

In addition to our highly visible public programs and events, DTF is also quietly working behind the scenes to promote Downtown’s revitalization. We are renovating vacant, blighted properties, providing free marketing and technical assistance to small businesses, and planning for the continued growth of Downtown’s economy, with a focus on the arts and culture.

How Can You Help Improve Taunton?

Here at DTF, we believe that Downtown Taunton can and SHOULD be a vibrant, thriving center of our city’s economic, cultural, and civic life.  To that end, we are looking for partners in our efforts to achieve this vision!  The participation of Taunton’s citizens and businesses is vital and greatly appreciated. Therefore, we would love for you to follow this link to become a member or a corporate sponsor today!

In addition, we are always looking for volunteers to help at our events. Whether it is setting up chairs, helping kids at a craft table at one of our festivals, or flipping burgers in our food truck, we are always looking for good citizens to pitch in and help us make Downtown Taunton a welcoming, festive, and fun place to work, live, and play. Contact our office at 508.812.0484 to sign up.  Above all, we hope you head Downtown to shop, attend one of our awesome events, or grab a bite or a drink at one of our many Downtown eateries! Thanks in advance for helping us make Downtown Taunton great again!