Downtown Storefront Awning and Sign Program


The visual appeal of storefronts can often be accomplished with small improvements. The City of Taunton’s Downtown Storefront Awn- ing and Sign Program was established to assist retail and service sector businesses by improving the appearance, property values and economic activity of businesses located in Taunton’s Historic Downtown.

  • This program provides up to $1,900 in reimbursement costs for signs and awnings with no financial match required.
  • Eligibility is limited to owners and tenants of retail or professional businesses within the downtown tar- get area boundary.
  • There is an application process with program guidelines. Contact the Office of Economic and Community Development for information on how this program may help your business.

This voluntary program will help businesses afford attractive and appealing new signs and awnings. The program’s broad guide- lines are intended to promote creativity and individuality while keeping with the nature and character of Taunton’s historic down- town.


Well-designed and well-placed signage is critical to successful communication for businesses. We en- courage:

  • Quality materials and design.
  • Signs consisting of carved or raised letters with at least one raised element or frame around it.
  • Integration into the architectural character of the building.
  • Signage lit from above or back lit provided each letter is individually lit.


Awnings are made to shelter people, merchandise and display windows. They can also add interest and color to a storefront. We encourage:

  • Using consistent size, profile and location for awnings on a single building.
  • Using creative awning shapes that are complementary to the overall building.
  • Using appropriate lettering and messaging when using an awning as signage.

Are You A Business Owner In Our Great City?

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