Community Development

Community development projects in Downtown Taunton combat blight; create new housing, business, and cultural opportunities; and improve quality of life for all.

In 2012 this vacant, foreclosed two-family historic home on a Downtown side street was purchased, renovated, and resold to a qualified first-time homebuyer by the Taunton BID.

In a collaborative effort by the BID and The Neighborhood Corporation, this former furniture warehouse was transformed into six loft apartments, an art gallery, and office space.

This vacant storefront was purchase by the BID at auction in 2012, renovated, and resold to a small business owner. The property is now home to a popular neighborhood cafe.

In 2013, the Downtown Taunton Foundation purchased this foreclosure property with the support of Attorney General HomeCorps and City of Taunton CDBG funds.

An elegant Greek Revival-style building, this former county courthouse now sits vacant. Plans are underway to transform the site into The District Center for the Arts.

This project envisions revitalizing this series of historic buildings along Main Street as a workforce training center, enhanced retail space, and 35 new units of housing for Downtown.

2014-2016 Community Investment Plan

The Downtown Taunton Foundation’s community development philosophy, strategy, and projects are outlined here in the nonprofit organization’s 2014-2016 Community Investment Plan.