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Old Colony History Museum
66 Church Green
To tour the Old Colony History Museum is to take an illuminating stroll through the centuries. Our collections chronicle lives lived, wars waged, fortunes won and ingenuity rewarded. Walk among our exhibits and you will discover history for the ages in close proximity with the history of the everyday.

The history of the original Old Colony is one that reaches from Rehoboth to Provincetown, and from Scituate to Dartmouth. It’s as distant as 1639 and as relevant as a moment ago. It is a history that plays like a page-turner, replete with epic battles, brash entrepreneurs, new-for-the-time technologies – and the stuff of everyday life. Things that happened in the Old Colony made the region what it is today and frequently influenced events worldwide.

At the Old Colony History Museum, we’re proud to be the keeper of this history. It is our ongoing mission to be able to bring it to life for the region’s families and children as well as historians of every age. Open year-round, we curate exhibits and offer guided tours, lectures, workshops, field trips and special presentations for school groups. We invite you to join us, to personally experience our collective past in a way unique to our region.