Open Doors Yoga Studios – Taunton

Open Doors Yoga Studios – Taunton
Open Doors Yoga Studios – Taunton
Offering a variety of yoga classes for Beginners through Experienced yogis! Also offering Kids Yoga Series, Sports Team Yoga, Private Events, Workshops, and more.


Open Doors began as a small metaphysical book & gift store and learning in 1992, located in Braintree, MA. Founder Richard Lanza, was a practicing psychic, energy healer, and acupuncturist for many years and sought to create a center where individuals could find a safe and comfortable haven to explore non-traditional pathways for personal growth and transformation. The center sold holistic products, as well as offering free energy healing sessions, intuitive readings, drumming circles, and Kundalini yoga classes. In 2002, Open Doors expanded by opening a second center in Brighton, MA.

As Richard developed both a passion and practice for yoga, he opened his first yoga studio, offering heated vinyasa yoga classes. In 2004, Open Doors offered its first yoga teacher training, expanding the practice of yoga and learning, to the mentoring and training of new yoga teachers Upon the graduation of the first yoga class, a second yoga studio was opened. Since then the teacher training has grown as well as the number of studios opened. In 2011 the first Open Doors Yoga franchise was opened. The teacher training program grew to be offered multiple times a year as the number of studios on the greater Boston area grew as well.

Open Doors continues its tradition of providing a rich and varied organization which still provides holistic healing and education, yoga and yoga teacher training. The organization developed a yoga studio franchise program to support the growth of the yoga community enabling others to create the unlimited potential of personal growth with the practice of yoga.

“Free Your Body, Free Your Mind” is not just a motto at Open Doors Yoga Studios– these six words represent the very essence of the Open Doors Yoga experience, one that for many years has introduced thousands to the practice and lifestyle of yoga.

The Open Doors approach to the practice of yoga is built around health on many levels. We understand that people experience changes throughout their lives and that yoga is one vehicle that can drive change down a positive path. As a source for exercise, stress reduction or a means to reduce negativity and introduce positive energy ~ Free Your Body, Free Your Mind! Open Doors remains a solid organization which continues with the original vision of its founder, established over twenty years ago.

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Open Doors Yoga Studios – Taunton